Dance Floor and Stage Rentals at Bounce Hawaii & Superior Tents

What’s a party without music? Bounce Hawaii & Superior Tents has the party equipment for your entertainment.


If you are hiring a live band, we can provide you with stage rentals. We will do our best to decorate the stage as you like. The stage can also be used to elevate the bridal party or used to present the awards. The stage calls on everyone’s attention. We will make certain it will look attractive.


If you are looking for a DJ, we can assist your search too. Our clientele will ensure the appropriate party DJ for your special event. We have sound and lighting equipment for the stage to make the venue look professional.

Our dance floors will guarantee a fun night! Every event ends with people on the dance floor. So our neighbors in Waianae, HI can call on Bounce Hawaii & Superior Tents for the party fun.


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